We have the last production technology and the best human team, our main value, to provide the best solutions. The target is clear: to offer solutions and satisfy needs. We adapt our productive system to the quality, service and price to satisfy the most demanding customers.


A large experience in this field as well as an important investment in machinery and premises, allows us to offer a versatile and innovating product. FUSTECMA devotes great part of the assets to product investigation, development and innovation to be in the arrowhead of the field.


Created im 2001, our industrial carpentry plant manufacture all kinds of technical works, from the most avant-garde stands to the most specialized chains and franchisings, including all the wooden items of our displays for ceramics and bathroom, being production what gives the most part of the added value and the differentiation to our furniture.


Our metal and technical workshops are oriented to the manufacturing and sale of three business lines: exhibition stands, display systems and complements for ceramics and retail and it’s corresponding implementation in the shops.


Our “turnkey” service covers from the concept of the commercial space, showroom design, manufacturing and implementation of furniture and products adequates to the coman’s strategy. In FUSTECMA we make shops to make you sell more, so we make the main effort in the shops implementation.


FUSTECMA’S comercial net is our main distribution channel in the market, the different purchasing groups that rely on us for their designs, implementations and trainings and in this way they allow us to the most difficult market niches.